Article Runner Up – Discovering the real me – Dhiresh Himthani 10I

Do any of us feel that the current worldwide epidemic benefits us in certain ways? The answer expected would of course be an instant NO. The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has a lot of victims worldwide while it has been disturbing most of the worlds populations’ mental health. Thinking of this in a positive way, it has also bought out the best in some of us.

Firstly, to bring out the best in you and cope up with the current situation mentally, all we need is a bit of hope and positivity within us. These two factors build up our mentality in such a way that we are able to spend some alone time with ourselves thinking about stuff that motivates us like our dreams,aspirations,desires, and how we are going to work towards them. Just try thinking about the time when all of us were going with flow of life and continuing our daily routine, did any of us get enough time to sit alone and think about ourselves and how fast time was flying? Would spending some alone time and motivating ourselves during these days actually might bring out the best in us? Would this time actually let us think enough about our desires and help us discover the real me?

Well, the answer lies with us and how we cope up with this situation mentally and take care of our families and loved ones. Trying to bring out the best in ourselves and staying positive and motivated, would help walk the right path to a career that all of us always wanted. Lastly, keeping in mind that ups and downs are always going to be there throughout ones life, we should stay motivated and always try to bring out the best in us.

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