Article Winner – A pandemic of evolution – Farzad Ashfak 11J

Diminutive but overwhelming, the coronavirus has left the apex of creations, humankind, in an unusual state of helplessness.

This outbreak has obligated people to spend their lives at home for an indefinite period. Unsurprisingly, we have adapted to this dire situation with optimism. By breaking the night’s silence, families are coming together in their balconies to applaud for the struggling ones, indicating that we will soon be victorious. This act has promoted interconnectedness in our societies and a sense of localism in all.

This situation has made us recognize our vulnerabilities, making us more humble, less arrogant and comprehend that medicines are not omnipotent. It has also taught hygienic behaviour worldwide, encouraging cleanliness in the environment and ourselves.

Humans have fostered empathy for those who face bias or discrimination stemming from the coronavirus by inviting them to reflect on the words of those affected. Humanity has also encouraged creativity to keep the world entertained throughout, with challenges like ‘flip the switch’ and ‘guess the gibberish’.

By developing an admiration for the countries winning this battle, conveying condolences for the deceased, and sharing hope and resources with the struggling nations, humans have bid goodbye to their selfishness. The wealthy community has recognized the special obligation to help the needy by funding charitable projects.

Lastly, at the centre of this unprecedented epidemic, the healthcare sector has adopted a gruelling schedule by sacrificing their comforts, helping patients recover back to health across the world.  If anything has changed for the better, it is the human character.

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