Poem Runner Up: My Side of the World – Mariyah Mohammed 11C

A sizzling air Sweet and cold
Reminds me of the days of old
When we were tired of going out and needed a rest
But when we got the chance as a question 
We have failed the test
Now, At such a time,
I wonder how stars always shine
Because sometime or the other 
We all lose our light
Even if it is just for some time
The darkness is here to chase us
But there is still a reflection of the sun in my eyes
I can feel it and I cannot deny
It has a warmth reminding me of the love thats near
As I realize 
A thousand tears run through my eyes
To show me a thousand things done wrong left back in time
There is a need to go back and get them erased
With an eraser in my hand and a pencil in another
I carve down my new future on a stone
Even through such dark moments
There lies a spark of hope in my heart
I rub 2 stones to make it a flame
Which gives me the patience to stay in
Because I have a beautiful world to see
With trees that sway, And blue green water with waves
Snowy mountains with high peaks, And tulips blooming at the creek
And this is my side of the world…

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