Pandemic – Blessing in Disguise – Akshita Gupta 8H

This pandemic which we are facing is a real challenge for the entire world. It has turned the world upside down.

Everything has been impacted – how we live and interact with each other, how we work and communicate how we move around and travel. It has forced humans to break with past and imagine a new world. It will affect people all around for years to come. Actually this year was pivotal to address climate change; we have realized the importance of our resources and environment.

For sure it has slowed down life but we have found many ways to stay connected virtually, we have adopted healthy lifestyle and varied diet. Everyone is becoming more conscious about cleanliness for survival.

This realization that the universe is managed by an all-Powerful Creator is the first step towards acknowledging where we stand in this universe and what we ought to do. Humanity needs leadership and solidarity to defeat coronavirus. People have started giving shelter in their homes .People are not only donating time but all possible resources. Biggest names in the world of business, and celebrities have come ahead to feed the underprivileged.

This pandemic, therefore, is a blessing in disguise which will help man re-plan, course-correct and build a positive approach to life.

Hope this phase shall pass soon and we master the art of positivity in all situations.

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