Poem Winner: Sure to Shine – Dhruv Jajoo 7O

Sometimes when life’s road looks difficult,
Helplessness and anxiety surround our future,
But believe the one who has brought us here,
Try to discover yourself without any fear.

However dark the night may seem,
Dawn is sure to come,
Each day may seem to be rough,
But in such times try to smile and meditate.

Limited choices and confused mind,
But music, dance, cooking makes you light,
Have patience and gather all courage,
Ready to fight not disheartened by any presage.
Positivity and prayers for everyone,

Keeping away worry have some fun,
Time is passing away fast,
No troubles will forever last.

Evolving is rule since time immemorial,
Knack every corner of your encephalon,
Withstanding every test of time,
We humans are fabricated to shine.

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