Article Runner Up – How has the current pandemic managed to bring out the best in human beings- Reuben Rengith 11K

The first case of the Covid-19 in UAE was announced on January 29th,2020 and the first death was reported on March 20th,2020. The Government of Dubai were quick to act by imposing night curfew and lockdown. Soon enough schools and offices were closed, and people began to work from home.

This lockdown has given many of us a lot of time to spend a home, which was previously considered a dream. This extra time has resulted in many people having many deep thoughts about how they can become better humans and help others during this time. The epidemic has caused widespread fear and at the same time has resulted in feeling compassion for others who are affected by the virus.

People are willing to volunteer to clean and sterilize ambulances and other medical equipmentsin order to help torelieve the stress on hospital workers, who are already being forced to work 14-15 hours a day. Many people still stay at home despite the lockdown being lifted in order to protect themselves and the people surrounding them from the catching the virus. The fear of the virus has caused all the nations to put aside their differences and come together to find a cure for the current pandemic.

The closure of offices has led to huge financial losses for the employees. This has forced many people avoid buying any luxuries right now. This has caused many people to realize that they do not need luxuries in order to survive. This will in the future prevent unnecessary wastage of money.

People are donating their old but unused clothes to people who are severely affected by the financial losses caused by the virus. Many people have also donated to the ’10 million meals’ campaign initiated by H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which aims at providing meals during the holy month of Ramadan to the people who cannot currently afford food for themselves and their families.

While staying at home, many of people have started to take up online courses which will help them become more productive by the end of the lockdown. According to my opinion the epidemic has slowed down our previous fast paced lives and has helped us focus on who we are and help make us better human beings. This can be observed by all the changes occurring around us during the epidemic. People who were previously very arrogant are now learning various moral values which help them become better human beings

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