Coronavirus: Nature’s way to Revive Humanity – Rudraksh Bhandari 9N

As we have seen, the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a multifaced impact on all of us. In addition to disrupting the normal lives of the people and causing financial losses, there are psychological impacts. We are seeing people talk about anxiety, disappointment, uncertainty, and heavy disruptions to our daily routines. These issues are further causing behavioral changes in people like blaming others, impatience, hatred, and discrimination.

However, this Pandemic has also brought out the best in human beings as it has taught us a lot of lessons. We have learned that everyone, irrespective of their caste, religion, sex, or nation has a potential impact and is equally responsible for the safety of themselves and the people around them. Due to the lockdown measures, this pandemic has given us tremendous opportunities to get closer with our families and build stronger bonds, it has taught us to be self-disciplined and control ourselves as we have to stay within four walls. It has also been a warning to make humanity realize the power of Nature, and how it can decide the fate of the entire human civilization.

Furthermore, this Pandemic is teaching us the means of getting out the greatest and worst in the world. We have learned to be sensible towards neighbors and family members especially those who are older and weak. We are learning the importance of mutual support and sympathy to ensure that no one feels afraid, lonely, or ignored. All humanity stands united
today due to coronavirus

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