The Flower – Tanvi Suraj 7E

A tiny little seed, in a flowerpot
All alone and beginning to rot
Water is poured to the roots
But still no leaves still no shoots.

Out in the sunshine, in the brightest day
Warmth has touched it throughout the day
The seed decides to grow up high
It grew a tiny stem aiming to reach the sky

The children of the house were very excited
To see the first few shoots had their happiness ignited
But soon they were all down in the dumps
Because the tiny plant grew in tiny little clumps

Days, weeks, months and years
Only confirmed the little plants fears
The children forgot it and saw it no more
It longed to see them outside the balcony door

Slowly but surely, it grew and grew more
It grew up so much it grew up from the floor
A tiny bud popped up near the potting soil sack
The children noticed and all came running back
Finally, with much effort and every ounce of its power
It grew a beautiful, wonder like flower…