By far the best: Mercedes-Benz assistance systems.

The first road was paved in 2600 B.C in Egypt. Since then, our roads have changed a lot. In fact, it feels like the evolution of a living thing, that’s how much they’ve changed. We’ve put everything we’ve got to make our roads one of the most advanced man-made creations. Or have we? Here’s some of the coolest tech that we can use on roads to take them to the next level. But before we start, here are some of the coolest roads.

  1. The Katy Freeway– It has 26 lanes, that might sound a bit boring but it’s the widest road in the world. It’s going to be a comfortable trip!
  2. The Atlantic Road – Bridges built in between the beautiful crystal-clear sea and the gorgeous green islands, wow!
  3. Furuka and Grimsell Pass– Driving beside the rivers while touching clouds surrounded by greenery in the mountains. Now that’s sheer driving pleasure!
  4. The Road Leading to The Mountain of Fitz Roy– You must be careful; the sensational view of the Fitz Roy Mountain might leave you adoring its beauty instead of focussing on the road.

Now let’s start with technological masterpieces.

  1. Speed Bumps– Although roads, and especially roads of Dubai are very comfortable, there’s always some scope for improvement. Speed bumps are lifesaving, but they can be annoying, even for the ones who are following the rules. So, here’s the solution. Do you know the non-Newtonian liquids? If you don’t, I’ll simplify the definition for you. These liquids become solids when you hit it with lots of pressure, but they act as normal liquids when you touch them and apply very low pressure. So why not make speed bumps out of non-Newtonian liquids. When you’re driving slowly with discipline, you won’t feel anything. When you’re driving at a fast pace, you will feel the annoying bump. Only bad drivers will be punished, and justice will be rewarded to the disciplined and good drivers. Comfort at the next level.
  2. Water drinking Roads– Sometimes, groundwater, that has many uses, can run out of charge just like your laptop or phone. And recharging them can take lots of time. Thus, the Netherlands thought of a simple trick to use their roads to help save water and recharge groundwater levels. Their roads have porous asphalt that absorbs water. This simple material can help us a lot and upgrade roads to the next level.
  3. Piezoelectric Roads– It might remind of a delicious and cheesy delicacy but this one is going to blow your mind! Piezoelectric sensors use pressure to generate electricity. You know where this is going to right? If piezoelectric sensors can be attached to roads they can generate immense amounts of electricity, that can be delivered to power stations through the means of underground wires. It can solve various problems related to electricity. Although it might be a bit too expensive, its benefits are countless. Truly, the next generation of roads. Along with these, we can add EV charging stations on the road too!

No matter how excellent and advanced things are, they’re never perfect and there’s always a scope for improvement.