Jokes by- Rida Habib 8F

With the coming up of exams, procrastinating studies throughout the holidays is something we all do. Moreover, opening books at the last moment, checking through timetables and syllabus, giving your best shot at independently attempting your forms assignment, instead ending up copy pasting in google? Trust me, we’ve all been there.

Right now, I want you all to keep your books and problems aside. Once you’re done with that, think of the last time you laughed hard. Well, I’m gonna get that smile back.  MASTI TIME!

#Joke-1: Forgetting to mute oneself is the worst that can happen to any student!

Me every 5 seconds in an online class: *checks if I’m still on mute*

#Joke-2: Oh gosh! Don’t even get started

Me coming back with a packet of Cheetos: *oh no…why am I in a meeting that ended 20 mins ago?*

#Joke-3: Haha! This one’s relatable…

Teacher: When is your break time, students?

Me: From 7:15 A.M to 1:45 P.M.

Okay now, get back to your studies with a jolly mind!

~Rida Mehreen Habeeb 8-F