Jokes by- Aarav Gulati 4F

What did one wave say to another?

Nothing, it just waved!

What has a neck but no head?

A t-shirt!

What has 88 keys but cant open a door?

A piano!

What did a wall say to another wall?

I will meet you in the corner!

I have E in my beginning and E in my end, I am a 3-letter word, who am I?


Why do you go on red and stop on green?

We eat the red part of the watermelon, Laugh Out Loud`

What gets bigger but the shortest it gets?

A hole! In cloths. Explanation: if you tear a hole in any cloth the hole gets bigger and the cloth gets smaller.

Why is the math book crying?

It’s filled with problems!

Why did the music  teacher bring a ladder?

She wanted to reach high notes!

Why did the teacher wright on a clean window?

She wanted her notes to be clean!

What is  the world’s best machine?