The Blue World- Aarav Gulati 4F

I was living in Indian Ocean with two family members. My mother Mrs.  Olivia, my father Mr. Ralph and me Richard.  I was very happy and always busy in playing with all my cousins. Ronaldo, Maceo, and Tommy.

Our home was clean and enormous. It was painted a nice blue color. There were so many other sea creatures in our big home, and we all were living together and were sharing the peace and joy. We used to keep our home clean and were living a healthy & joyful life.

One day we all kids were playing hide and seek! Mano was it, and we heard a “splash” like a huge animal had fall in the sea. We noticed that millions of tons of plastic stuff were thrown into the water, and we started rushing here and there to save ourselves.  It was a chaos! plastic was trapping many octopuses.

Some of my friends got injured and some died, I was lucky to escape with my family at the right second. But all my hands were filled with the garbage thrown by humans in our beautiful homes.

Everyone who survived started his/her journey downheartedly to find a new place to live.

“Oh GOD! why did the humans destroy our homes?” I whispered to my father.

“Humans are throwing their garbage and debris in our homes to keep their own homes clean” father replied.

“Are they not bothered about us?” I asked.

“They are very careless; they don’t know what they are doing” father replied.

“Humans are developing new sources and ways to make their lives better, but they are harming their own environment. Mother nature will take revenge and they will pay one day for their deeds, and it will destroy all of us, if they don’t stop it soon” he said with deep sorrow.

His words knocked my heart and mind.

It was very unfortunate moment, I faced in my life, I was so sad.

3 years later….

I was grown up, It had been so long but I couldn’t forget the day we left our home.  I was sitting alone on a beach side and was watching people enjoying the day on seashore. They were having fun with their families and were throwing trash in water.

 I saw plastic bottles, straws, polyethene’s, were scattered here and there. I asked myself “When these humans will learn how to save our mother land and nature?”

Suddenly the bulb of my mind turned on. I shared the plan with my father and other water creatures, and they all agreed. The idea was to talk to the leader of the city and to highlight the situation due to the negligence of the residents of this city.

I & Mr. Robert (Chief of octopus society) decided to go and talk to Mr. Wilbur Smith (Mayor of Sittwe) and discuss.

We reached his home, and he was very busy in a meeting.  We took permission and waited for him for about half an hour.

He called us inside the conference room. It was so huge about fifty people could sit in it at one time.

We went inside and with due respect raised our concern to him.  He was listening to us very calmly and showed his grief on the situation.

He informed that their government has taken many steps to control water, land and air pollution however still there is requirement of awareness among the people as each person needs to participate on the ground level to control the wastage from their own houses.

He further informed that they have taken strict actions against the factories and individuals who are not following the guidelines. However, still there are lapses in the system which they are working towards improving.

He agreed and assured us that he will take necessary actions on immediate basis to help us in cleaning our ocean to save the sea creatures.

He further informed that they have implemented a program to educate people on global warming and minimize the wastage and encourage them to follow the three R’s (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse).

Me and Mr. Robert were pleased after the meeting with Mr. Smith.

Days passed by…

 We notice that Mr. Noel and his  family who were frequently visiting to the seashore was leaving lots of garbage every time they came.

I went to Mr. Noel  and requested him to throw the garbage in bin before they leave to keep the place clean, but they ignored and kept on repeating the same.

I went to them once again and told “your garbage and left over is damaging our homes”, but Mr. Noel didn’t pay attention and laughed and said, “you don’t rule this area, we will do what we wish”. I was enraged and left dejectedly.

I thought for many days and decided to teach Mr. Noel and his family a lesson.

At first, I made an army of adult octopuses, then we collected plastic and with the help of camouflage we successfully put plastic debris at Mr. Noel’s house where sunlight could reach and left a big note “Stop Plastic” on the house door.

Mr. Noel and his family had gone for a tour and came back after two days.  As soon they entered, the noticed a bad smell in the house and were shocked to see trash everywhere “Oh my gosh” Mr. Noel uttered.  “Who has spoiled our home?” Mr. Noel’s son screamed. Soon Mr. Noel noticed our note on the door.

Then he realized the situation we were going through and made a pledge to throw the waste on proper place and will try to reduce as much as they can.  They cleaned the beach and never throw any garbage thereafter.

The whole city of Sittwe, adopted this change and the government has taken more steps to recycle the garbage. to reduce the waste. to control the pollution and save the land and water.

Me and my family started living happily ever after in clean and safe environment.

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