‘The Importance of Love’ Story by- Sidharth Nagarajan 8S

A man visits his therapist like how he normally does, one day after the session is about to come to an end; The man pulls up a gun and instructs his therapist to sit down and he will ask some questions, if he doesn’t answer properly, he will shoot him. The therapist frightened, agrees.

The man says he will ask him two questions and one scenario and if he doesn’t answer properly, he will shoot him.

The man begins with “Why do people love?” The therapist, a bit taken back by this question replies love is the one thing that makes people who they are, love keeps them wanting to live life to the fullest and happily.

The man impressed by his answer says very well then, quite a brilliant answer really, here’s my second question: What is the biggest value needed when death comes knocking at your door? The therapist says: Guile. Bravery: There was no point in fearing death as it is inevitable, Sacrifice is the greatest thing a human can do when faced with a life-or-death situation.

The man is impressed; You are very smart and sharp minded, here’s my scenario: Two men are locked in a room for interrogation. One of the men is a CIA agent named Chuck Hurtlocker and the other is a 45-year-old man who has committed some serious crimes. Chuck needs to get a confession from the man to send him in jail and he has only 10 minutes to do so. Chuck simply smokes his cigar and does nothing. Soon he asks the man a question: Do you like ‘love?’ And soon the man confesses. When the man asks how this happened the therapist replies Chuck probably had no one in his life that explains his laid-back attitude and used the man’s moral compass to gain his confession.

The man says, “Very well you’ve passed!” The man then reveals that he is Chuck Hurtlocker and the only reason he did this was because it was the death anniversary of a loved one, when he asks how he knew so much the therapist replies that he was an Ex – CIA agent himself and quit his job for mental peace. Chuck bids goodbye and the sessions continue normally after this.

Moral – Always be brave in life and do what is right

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