‘To my Treasured Friend’- Poem by Harish Sasikumar 10L

Being Frank, I’m trash in terms of poetry

       But hoping these emotions of mine impress you partly (At-least)

How would it be for us when we meet?

       Clueless am-I, But I’m sure it’s going to be sweet

The curiosity to know If I’m taller than you kills me

       But who cares; You do influence me like melody

You easily bring out the inner me

       Which is arduous for others to see

Above, is the cute sky, beguiling and blue

       How does this even relate to this poem??; No clue

The way we know each other, extremely deep

       Reflects flawlessly as I’m just into the habit of uhtceare

The bond we share is certainly distinctive and true

       Entangled are-we; Stuck like glue

Though we know each other for a year only

       You’ve always given me the vibes which never makes me feel lonely

Even In the hardest situations through which you’ve gone

       Don’t agonize, Remember, You’re never alone

The distance between us can’t keep us apart

       As no matter where you are, You’re always in my heart 🙂

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