‘The Babbling Brook’- Poem by Izra Serah 5D

The babbling brook was very loud,
When people saw it first, it drew quite a crowd.
Usually, brooks are relaxing and smooth,
This brook was different, but not to be rude.
It always kept the villagers up at night,
But they were very kind and didn’t put up a fight.
It babbled and spoke from dark till light,
In the middle of the village, where the brook was in sight.
Though everyone could see it, it was still overlooked,
They had the wrong impression on the Babbling Brook.
One day, a girl, who was small and kind,
Sat by the brook and a question came in her mind.
“Hey Brook, why don’t you tell me a story?”
Then it started talking about its former glory.
It chatted and chatted, and it wasn’t boring.
The other villagers noticed and started to listen,
At the end of the tale, their eyes sort of glistened.
When they snapped out of it, they started to cheer,
They asked more, for more they wanted to hear.
Everyone started to like the Babbling Brook,
And it alerted them from every thief and crook.
Their lives got better, and the reason is quite clear.
A key to happiness is just to open your ear.