‘My Life’- Poem by Saksham Tehri 9L

You see, my life has been like a statistics graph
Sometimes it went up and sometimes it went down
But it was never a draft
It may have been happy or sad
But it never was bad
From the place I grew up, my childhood till I was 7
But after that I was baffled
We had to move to a new place
I wasn’t ready for this hassle
But along and along and along I had to agree
It was just the beginning, the end was yet to be free
Deep inside me I knew something was bound to happen
But I wouldn’t let it happen
I had determined myself for everything I could do
But who knew me since I was new
as time and time again passed by
I started to get known
and now I am telling this without a sigh
everything paid off
I participated in various competitions
ended up getting into the best award category in some
while others started to get the method of it
but I didn’t let anyone get surprised
fast forward a bit
you could see I was the hit
I thought this was the correct path that it wanted me to take
but who knew what would bake
again and again and again I kept reminding myself
I would show them
what I am made up of
soon enough I could see the goodness in my eyes
had loads of fun
could see the tear in their eyes
and I got everyone by surprise
fear wasn’t a thing in my head
all I could hear was never give up
outside student life, there were many other things
things which were like a cricket ball
going up and down depending on where the batsman had hit
scored pretty good runs i would say
then the delight, when the courage awakened,
and I stepped onto new ground,
my eyes were young again with energy and dream
a path was starting to open before me
though my destination is not clear yet
I can trust the promise of this opening
unfurl myself into the race of beginning
this is one with my life’s desire
awaken my spirit to adventure,
hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk
soon I will be home in a new rhythm,
for my soul senses the world that awaits me
in out-of-the-way places of the heart,
where my thoughts never think to wander,
this beginning had been quietly forming
waiting until I was ready to emerge.