‘New is the Clue’- Article by Krishna Anand 12J

Life is filled with different things to try. The true reason to why one must be persuaded to try a new thing, is to open the mindset, and to create an acceptance for one’s reluctance. Every morning is a new one, every night is a different one, every friend is a new one, every taste is a different one, every new hi-fi gadget is a different one, and every
challenge is a new one – just face it, and move on without caring the slightest.
Absolutely nothing in this universe is preordained. There’s no big schedule, no mass plan. Nothing is systematic, it’s just happening – and its our duty to go with flow. Hence, nobody has the right to stick to
something forever. Did you know? Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, started out by only selling books. Today, there’s not a single product that you can’t find there. Google marked its presence as a mere search engine. In the present time, right from Gmail to Podcasts to YouTube, Google has caused an impact on every such business. Moreover, Kevin Plank the founder of Under Armor, was initially a football player. Could anyone dream of this young man to go on and set up one of the world’s most popular athletic goods business? Who doesn’t know Instagram?
You won’t probably feel your day complete without putting up a story, or double tapping your friends’ pictures. Instagram wasn’t originally meant for this. It was a check-in app, much like Foursquare. It was then that it incorporated mobile photography, due to the increasing demand at that time. Nobody knew whether these projects would ever become so popular or would even exist after a decade. However, these ventures have shown us how important it is to travel an extra mile, showcase our capabilities, diversify our thoughts and opinions and endeavor new undertakings.
There’s always a good or a bad side, a good or a bad memory, a good or a bad relationship, a good or a bad time, a good or a bad instant thought, a good or a bad perspective, and an optimistic or a pessimistic angle of looking at these. Anything can be good or bad depending on how you observe it, and that’s why trying new things provides the
required space to imagine, innovate and re-create.
“Don’t be afraid to think differently, because you are different to think” I have written this quote, and I strongly believe in it.
In the previous blog, I had mentioned about how trying new things could lead us to achieve inner comfort. You shouldn’t be frightened of failure. Rather than spending your precious time thinking whether you will accomplish something or not, give your time and energy into doing what you’re doing. What you do today, will get you a result tomorrow, but what you think today, would just get you more desires. After doing your part diligently, leave it all up to fate. Even if you do not succeed, you’ve now got an edge and you know what you’re doing wrong. You know where to make the changes. Sometimes you may not get this in a single try – but this shouldn’t set you back. Think of those moments in life when you’ve got immense happiness out of what you’re doing. I think that the one who looks at the most negative things to be happening apparently for the positive, is the one who has truly understood the meaning of life, and our existence as a speck of dust in the streaming evolution of this wonderfully, forever journey.
There are so many things out there – we’ve just gotta taste a lil’ bit of every one of them. You could try to learn a new subject, listen to a new type of music, watch a movie of a completely different genre, try reading a book (if you’ve never read one), make a personal diary, try some art and craft out of those old stuff in the storeroom, create a photo album revisiting those old memories, or even just randomly start writing something on a piece of paper, or anything that you never tried before.
Surely, at least a couple of them, would really catch your attention. Honestly, I too tried cooking a few meals at home (although I couldn’t get as good as my mum). After all who knows what’s on the other end? (unless you don’t explore
it yourself). Life is a true blend of numerous aspects; we must just go out and explore them.
Another significant advantage of trying out new things is the personal satisfaction. At the end of the day, believe it or not, it becomes very important to analyze what was different today, and what is your contribution to make it different. True, not every instance maybe good, not every experience maybe good, not every discussion maybe good, not every feeling maybe good, and there are many other things, when tried new, that wouldn’t appeal to us. But as I pointed out before, we live in a never-ending stream of the positive and the negative, and every new
thing tried is one new experience added.
So, make sure to try a new thing the next time you don’t feel like doing something you usually do. My prime objective of this article is to encourage you, my dear reader, to explore and try out something that you’ve never thought of before and feel the tinge of satisfaction of trying something out of the way today, and to also go on and pass the

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