‘Prologue’- Poem by Manya Narula 11E

Mandela’s beginning started with a life sentence in jail.

In India, Gandhi’s first movement ended in a fail.

Steve Jobs’ future looked all down

When Apple decided they didn’t want him around.

Martha Stewart was no stranger to being framed,

But she never lost sight of what she initially aimed.

Don’t be disheartened when obstacles to your plans, attenuate;

Your prologue doesn’t determine how your life will eventuate.

Do spiders weep when their webs are destroyed?

Do bees give up when days of labouring by someone else is enjoyed?

An undetermined person’s work is sure to be in vain.

Those with a thin skin will, in everything, find pain.

However, the words I say are not to offend,

I am simply warning you as a friend.

Your prologue will be tough.

There may be times you’ve had enough.

But it may bring you comfort to know

You will never weather the storm alone.

And when your time in prison finally ends

You’ll realize your path to victory was one in wends.