‘Appreciation to teachers during the pandemic’- Poem by Neena Malhotra

When I was sleeping and taking rest,

You were making notes for the next day.

When I was dreaming about my kid’s future,

You were uploading presentations to brighten her future.

When I was having my leisure time.

You were winding up your house chores.

When I was enjoying my weekend.

You were replying to queries and doubts.

 When I was attending get-togethers.

 You were still attending meetings.

When I was worried about my kid.

You were ignoring your kid for mine.

When I was angry at my only child.

You were handling the full class.

When the world was thinking about corona.

You still were thinking of my child.

Hats off to you Dear teachers.

From all the moms

The way you polished our kids during unfavorable circumstances and the time you spent for our kids is commendable.

We are from different states and different cultures but DPS team has connected us Heart to heart.❤️

We are proud to be dipsites.

Neena Sharma Malhotra

Mother of Rachael Malhotra

Grade 4 F