‘Failure’- Poem by Janell Monteiro 9G

[A poem about failure: an integral and inevitable part of life. While it is the stepping stone of success, it is also the cause of life problems]

The dart thrown didn’t touch the aim

The singer’s voice didn’t reach the note

Situations seem like there’s no way out

Look out! There’s water filling in your boat

Not one there is who hasn’t met him

He is a piece of your puzzle,

The prologue of your novel

He stays even after bursting like a bubble

He brought the screams of fear and pain

Yet see his courage; he doesn’t plan to go

But again, what is world without him?

Without him is success without its glow

We are soldiers against his power

Some get hurt, some fall

Some defeat his flames and triumph

The army is you; no one to call,

No prophet, no messiah; only you are the saviour

Because, well… it is failure