‘The Crystal in the Air’- Story by Suthirth Parthiban 6N

‘Good morning, Timmy!’

‘Good morning, Mom!’

He wondered about why Mom was happy and excited. She never seemed to be happy ALL the time. Timmy decided to check in.

‘RAIN!’ If there’s one thing that Timmy hated, it was rain. Rain made him wet, rain’s sound irritated him, and much more.

‘Mom, why do you like rain SO much? It’s boring, and our crops are already grown, so rain is pretty much useless!’

‘Don’t go on talking like that, Timmy. Now, I’ll give you an hour, so you can go play out with Little Brown.’ Little Brown was Timmy’s best friend. Timmy decided to go with a raincoat not to Little Brown, but to the meteorologists’ research lab.

When Timmy arrived, his teacher was present there! His school friends were researching about, RAIN! He forgot about his weekend class, just because of RAIN!

‘Ahem, TIMMY! Why are you late?’

‘Sorry Ma’am, I got stuck in traffic.’

The rest of the class continued as usual. Once they were done, Timmy quietly sneaked into the Hailing Head room. Here, you could stop rain from entering your house or hitting your crops. Timmy bought a Hailing Head using his pocket money and kept it over his farmhouse. Rain was hitting hard, and others’ crops grew swiftly. But Timmy’s crops never seemed to grow, and eventually they perished.

‘Plop, plop, plop, why can’t you all fall down on those crops at Timmy’s house?’

The Raindrop King loved Timmy’s Farmhouse and he always gave double of the raindrops to their crops, but this time he couldn’t. So, he asked Wiry the Raindrop to go, as he was the bravest raindrop.

Wiry turned into a snowflake and came to Timmy’s bedroom. Timmy was in deep sleep, and Wiry read his mind.

‘Oh! I wish even rain was gone for the entire city! Everyone would be very happy.’

‘Aha! I have an idea. Let me ask my friends to come over.’

When Timmy woke up, he found a big magic portal in his bedroom.

‘Woah! I wonder what’s in that portal. No rain, lots of Mac N Cheese, who knows! Let’s go!’

WOOOOO! It made him spin and took him to a magical land. He was surrounded with clouds, and water was flowing everywhere. Some people were doing air drops, some were rising from oceans, and some were raining!

‘Uh! Rain again. Wait, I can use my Hailing Head!’ He pulled out his Hailing Head and put it up. But the rain and the people never seemed to stop!

Then, suddenly a person came and lifted Timmy on his back!

‘Hey! Who are you?’

‘I am Ploppy, a raindrop!’

NO! NO! Timmy screamed in fear. The raindrop then teleported to the Ophidian Ocean. Timmy was feeling very hot, when Ploppy transformed into water vapour. He dashed fast to the cloudy land, and when they arrived, a teacher-looking raindrop started to talk about evaporation.

‘Evaporation is the process by which water changes from a liquid to a gas or vapour. You just saw how water vapour evaporates from oceans.’

That journey was bad. It was fast and quick. But little did he know that another journey was coming! Ploppy came, and this time, they passed through a very cold house. Timmy was shivering, and he was almost frozen when they came out.

The same teacher raindrop talked about condensation.

‘Condensation is the change of water from its gaseous form (water vapour) into liquid water.’

He knew he was going for another bad journey. So, he jumped and tried to skydive, but that was the final step! It was precipitation. And when he did that, he fell down and plumped to his house’s Hailing Head! Timmy slipped and fell into a big stinky water puddle. Everyone stepped on it, and they wasted it a lot! Some planned to heat it, so it could evaporate, but Timmy escaped from the water puddle.

‘It’s hot, hot, and hot, Ploppy. Can you-WHAT!’

‘MAGIC PORTAL!!!’ He found the same MAGIC PORTAL which he entered in his bedroom.

When he entered it, Timmy found him back to his normal form. His mom was shouting,

‘TIMMY! Come eat breakfast.’

He then discovered his journey was a dream. Timmy found how beneficial and how hard it was to rain. He dashed to his kitchen and ever since, he started to like rain! Timmy also noticed that rainwater was sometimes getting wasted, and raindrops didn’t get back to Cloudy Land, to their home.

He then learnt that water wastage is a big problem. A single child can’t resolve an entire world’s problem. So, he decided to get the help of his friends and his family. Timmy made a group called the Water Warriors. He and his friends started to research on the water problem.

‘Timmy, the first step is to spread awareness. Let’s start a campaign.’

Cool idea! They started a campaign to reduce water wastage. Only a few people volunteered, but eventually they forgot, and water wastage was increasing.

‘What?! Oh no…what do we do…idea!’

They decided to create a system that filtrates air conditioning & rainwater and sends them to rural areas.

‘Timmy! Create the app and electric system!’

‘Little Brown! Connect the pipes!!’

‘Abdul, hit the tanks!’

Within a week, they created the system, and hoped for nice results. Timmy continued their campaign to spread awareness. In a few days, they received a call.

‘Hello. I am Marana Ty, the Water Minister. I have proposed your idea, and it is amazing. Your water pipes have hit rural areas and they have started getting clean and clear water!’

YAY!! Their idea had finally succeeded! Timmy, then along with his friends, took their Water Warrior to a higher level, and other friends too joined! His family was very proud of him, and so were the Cloudy Land raindrops!

Water is important for all of us. It is our goal to conserve and save water. So, why don’t we too, become the Water Warriors!

The End

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