‘Not his Lucky Day’- Poem by Roshni Dasgupta 6D

A tiny being, hopping all about

No wonder what it’s thinking

To play the guitar or try to tout

Or maybe he’ll solve all his thoughts

That were interlinking.

We can see he’s trotting towards the ant

Surely all ready to say hello

Though in a manner the rain starts to enchant

Now we all can see

He’s not feeling so mellow.

A rainbow forms behind him

He hopes it’s a lucky sign for the day

But where he stands it’s at the rim

Where the infamous thief

Is assuredly known to stay.

He runs to the shelter with his green body

Hopping as fast as he can

It’s a bit of a relief he’s not that spotty

Or else there’s no doubt he will be defeated

By monstrous clans.

But definitely we can say

That more problems might array

Yet even if it’s stressful for the insect

Who knows what more will happen today?

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