‘Heaven on Earth’- Poem by Uneza ma’am

In my dreams, I saw an elegant place,

where every face was full of grace.

People spoke freely without any hesitation,

And life wasn’t bounded by any restriction.

In my dreams, I saw a quiescent place,

Where nature’s arms were ready to embrace,

The murmuring sounds jingled in the ears,

Smile on each face, and no space for tears.

I opened my eyes to search such place,

There wasn’t even one that I could trace,

I enquired from the youth and the old folk,

The young were furious,

and the old’s eyes spoke.

Though being mum,

someone led me to a placid place,

Where I found tension on every innocent face,

People were scared of their own shadow,

Hungry children weeping around a helpless widow.

That someone pointed towards a wide open place, Where each grave was decorated with a beautiful lace,

The echo of piercing screams were heard everywhere, No more smiles but there were only tears to share.

Ah! The heart wrenching truth of my place of birth, which was once called – “The Heaven on Earth”. “Smile…….”