‘Power of One Word’- Poem by Sashini Manikandan 8 A

It was just another competition for everyone,

But for me, a life depending one

I had given my best

But my opponent was overpowering me

The world around me was spinning

Being a world champion wasn’t easy

I tried. I tried. I tried.

But nothing worked

My opponent was gaining

I left the light of hope, slowly diminishing

As the darkness grew

I felt I climbed the highest mountain only to start falling before I reached the peak

I felt I had almost reached the end of the river only to start drowning in worry

I felt the life slowly going out of me

Thousands of people were glued to their seats

I had lost my hope completely

Until I heard one word

One word which was echoing among the whole stadium now

My name. My beautiful name.

Gifted to me by my amazingly wonderful parents

Christened to me by my supportive relatives

Plagiarized by my super adorable sister

Addressed by lovely friends

My name. My beautiful name.

Like a dying man, energized back to life

Like a climber falling to suddenly climb and reach the peak

Like a swimmer drowning in the river, getting a boost of energy to swim the last stride

I felt my life coming back to me again

My name. My beautiful name.

Saved the day once again. Saved the day once again.