‘The Crazy Cafe’- Poem by Izra Serah 5 D

A very popular café,

On Elmwood Street.

Doesn’t have normal things to eat,

The food is very different, and the recipes are crazy.

First time customers give their orders quite hazy.

And when they receive their food, they are flooded with doubts

But they pick up their spoons and put it in their mouths.

The jellybean gravy is quite sweet and lumpy,

But with the potato filled brownies its as tasty as honey.

When you eat at this café, don’t let the names confound you,

Just have fun and sit back as the amazing tastes surround you.

The Chocolate Chicken, the Garlic cupcake and so much more!

These tasty treats aren’t at all a bore!

They might sound disgusting but you’re terribly wrong!

The food is delicious so come along!

The freaky food is heard about even from Hong Kong!

The Crazy Café is an amazing place.

With all the colours and food popping out at your face!

So come and enjoy and have fun with your friends!

Because at the Crazy Café, the fun never ends!