‘The Virus’- Poem by Rachit Kotecha 7 R

What is this virus, doing the rounds?

The name is Corona, did you know it means crown

Its scientific name is Covid-19

It’s so small that it goes unseen

It had spread throughout the world, it has travelled around the globe

What a mean feat for a tiny microbe!

Its numbers are rising, pandemic’s declared

The old are not always spared

It’s very contagious, it’s true that it is able

To multiply faster than your five times table

Social distancing, that is the way

To stop me from spreading everyday

I can make you sick with a nasty flu

But don’t despair, there is much you can do

Washing your hands throughout the day

Can help to keep it far away

And if you get sick, don’t fret or shudder

Majority of people will surely recover

Some day it will be

A chapter in a book, a mere memory