‘Peace Shall Exist’- Poem by Nishka Agarwal 8C

When the wars totally cease,

In the world, there shall be peace.

Fight for controls, fight for land.

Most just need, a helping hand.

Views and ideas always vary,

Doesn’t mean, hate we must carry.

Peace shall exist,

It shouldn’t be dismissed.

Peace, we all seek,

When lacked, we feel weak.

Peace brings freedom, we crave,

From hate and war, it does save.

Peace shall exist,

It shouldn’t be dismissed.

Peace makes the world feel free,

Always opens our eyes, helps us see.

Peace, we can’t buy,

Nor can we catch it from the sky.

Peace, for we cannot fight,

Spread kindness, just be polite.

When found, peace is sweet,

Without it, our life is incomplete.

It’s not difficult to find,

With a sweet and caring mind.