‘The Phase’- Poem by Shriya Devendra 7 D

Is the mirror warped, or

is it just my eyes?

For all I see in it is

a stomach full of lies.

An angry, infuriated face

To my parents, a disgrace;

And with a lot of blur

I start to see HER.

A cute little chub

who was raised and cared with love;

A sweet little damsel

who never gave a hassle.

Now who is this person I see?

For I can smell her reek;

Of disrespectfulness and swears

like she never cares.

I swear this is just a cocoon,

it is just a phase

One day the butterfly will emerge

and make eyes stare.

Then yes, the mirror is warped

For this isn’t me;

When she emerges,

she’ll be more beautiful than she’s been.