‘I Bloom’- Poem by Sameeha Mohammad 7-D

A girl in her twenties  

All up in her room 

‘introverted much’ they call her 

With a face full of gloom 

“Ruining her perfect life”  

Is what they keep repeating 

But little do they know 

It is help that she is seeking. 

I am calling for help 

Can you really not hear this loud? 

It is so much I have dealt with 

Not a single one hears me in this crowd. 

And then suddenly, you came into my life. 

You lent out your hand, and you heard me cry. 

You heard me vent 

You saw through my lies, 

With each arriving day, you started to make me shy. 

I started to fall in love. 

I started to say “Hi!” 

But then like everyone else, 

You suddenly said goodbye 

Did I not see this coming? 

Because now I’m back in my room. 

Worse than before 

Sitting with a face full of gloom. 

Maybe you were just a fallen angel 

Made just to help me out 

But why did you leave me? 

In this devastating crowd. 

It hurts to let go  

But I know that I have no choice 

Because maybe I am starting to grow, 

It is you. I hear your voice. 

I believe you’re still out there 

So, I want to make you proud 

Because you helped me in times of despair 

And made me reach this cloud 

I am finally out of my room 

Leaving behind the gloom 

Like a flower I will bloom 

And with my life, I resume.