My Dream World, Grated From Across the Universe by Aldrin Joseph John- 7N

“Yesterday we fought, today we survive and Tomorrow we rise.” The massive floods across the state of Kerala have triggered my nerves up.

“How horrible the plights were! I just can’t imagine my state completely sinking under water. Once I ADMIRED my state- the green paddy fields, cows grazing in the meadows, grove of coconut trees, tall Arecanut trees dancing in the breeze… The paddy fields said, “Hi!” The cows welcomed me back from UAE….The soft breeze touched me and said, “Let’s play.” All welcomed me to a cool climate…….. But today, I lost them to the floods, the floods that gulped our happiness… The floods that ate up many lives…. the floods that made my land look like an island… The Floods of Kerala, 2018

Water, Water, Violent Water everywhere…. My ADMIRATION was under water…… Those who could fly…flew breathlessly, those who could run….ran endlessly, those who could swim…swam hurriedly. I felt my world was sinking down… Yep! But it was not… I was wrong. We fought with the VIOLENT WATER irrespective of religion…I wish I could have attended my swimming classes at school without being absent…. Suddenly, I felt the Compassion, the Unity, and the Universal Brotherhood; and of course, “My letters addressed to God, to protect us from this danger, were ANSWERED “I want my land back. God give me please…” I would like to rebuild my lost land, My Dream land-a land where the animals and butterflies talk to each other, a land where the fish and crocodile dance to the music, a land where the birds chirp the morning colors, a land where the soft breeze sings the welcome song, a land where there is love, compassion and universal brotherhood, a land where the animals are treated with care, a land where religion is treated alike, a land where my poor grandparents are safe, a land where the new RAINS spread Fragrance, not VIOLENCE. A Land, Fresh and Green………”God’s Own Country” Dear God, This is my next letter for you. Grant my wish. Help me to rebuild my Dream Land…… As answered before, I await your reply… “My Dream Land Granted From, Across the Universe.”

Dedicated to the victims of the Kerala Floods, 2018.

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