Grandparents, a poem by Salman Rashid, 6M

The most virtuous people on earth
The most soothing faces I have seen since birth.
The only religion they  teach is Truth
They steer me away from the vagaries of youth
They showed us how to care for others
Taught us this planet belongs to us and all
They taught me to shovel sparing the earthworms
Made me revel in the pleasure of sprouting life.
They told me to let the birds take their feed
We will still have all the mangoes we need
While picking seashells in a beach
They taught me to return live ones to the sea
They taught me how illustrious ants were
Its not brave to crush them underfoot
All those long drives you took us for
Rivers mountains vineyards and more
They showed me the beauty of my home country
Which nature has blessed in its luscious abundance
Dear grand-parents, you are my beacon of light
Till my vision is clear and legs are strong, hold me tight.

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