Enigma Redesign – Competition


Do you want to showcase your talents in web page designing?

Do you want to be a part of creating a beautiful and alluring page, ushering ourselves in a new page of writers, artists, and poets, and leave your imprint on our school website for the years to come?

 Well, we have the opportunity for you!

Up until July 31st, we will be accepting submissions for new webpage designs for ENIGMA, our student-run school blog!

Now you might be wondering what the competition is about.

Well, the website, which has been up and running thanks to the wonderful efforts of students, is in desperate need of a revamp. So, this year we invite YOU, the students, to help us out in redesigning this once-great website.

For details on the competition, kindly refer to the document linked below:


We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful designs and ideas!

For further details, contact: 

Harshavardhan Rajasekar – s14276@msdpssharjah.com

Gauri Cranganore- s8605@msdpssharjah.com

Sarah Mulla – s8347@msdpssharjah.com

Shashwat Krishna – s16199@msdpssharjah.com

Tanmeen Patel – s14218@msdpssharjah.com

Alina Koshy – s8514@msdpssharjah.com

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