A trip to Segovia – Sibani Malhotra 8-E

I can’t resist telling you all about the town I visited during my vacations-SEGOVIA- a unique, enchanting historic city, established in 1706 BC, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The drive was breathtaking with mountains on both sides.

My mouth fell open when the bus took a turn exposing the view of the entire city lying behind the famous aqueduct! As the bus came to a halt, I stepped down to view the shimmering river that surrounded the city on three sides. And suddenly…the magnificent monument, that the guide was mentioning, was in front of me-The Aqueduct – par excellence for those times, it was a befitting example of the proverb,” Necessity is the mother of all inventions”.


The Aqueduct was built to supply water from the Frio River to the city. The Alcazar of Segovia -a medieval Spanish palace located at one end of the city is another UNESCO world heritage site. I was impressed by the intelligence of the people who camouflaged canons so perfectly that even from within the palace, it was difficult to spot them.


The gardens outside the palace had an elegant line of trees giving comforting shade to the passer-by. The valley, adjoining the towering castle, was still so neat and green adding beauty to the landscape.


I recommend a visit to this beautiful town. It is an eye-opener to the magnificent creations of ancient people.

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