A World of Injustice – Mehreen Saaliha

A world of injustice…

When the world is down,
There can be one in town,
When chaos is the only to see,
The world can be made to glee,

When around you are misery,
Change the moment to merry,
When things just don’t go the way,
It should change and shouldn’t stay,

A feeling might die of hunger and sweat,
One might not realize who doesn’t get,
Drinks and food of daily needs,
It will change, but necessary is heeds,

It’s a feeling so strange and of distress,
None are capable to rightly guess,
The world is unbelievably cruel today,
To black it will change, now it’s grey,

When jealousy and ego arose too high,
To an extent that we just ignore their cries,
A pathetic situation to wander on,
All the sympathy of the world just disappeared and gone,

Bring it back to light a smile,
To thousands lost to abject and miles,
Why do we abstain from something this clear,
Making it vague and no spoon of empathy to steer,

When things go wrong to the rich, it’s instantly changed,
It’s not the way one should be trained,
To oneself so wealthy is pleasure and all he wants,
To him or her all we do is taunt,

Aloft you find equality and justice,
But around you see the thousands of who miss,
The feeling of life meant for humanity,
And there goes another story with what we see…


– Mehreen Saaliha Bint Mohammed (8F)

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