The Beyond – Nandini Mehrotra

The Beyond


She is the epitome of elegance

Beautiful beyond reproach

Her emerald eyes hold such pain

Yet a smile is always etched on her face


When I was 9;

I was convinced that she was an angel

When I was 12;

I was sure that she was a warrior

I long to take away her pain

To see a real smile bloom on her face


She looks so different now, yet still looks the same

She held my hand when I was young

And now it’s my turn to do the same


I’m terrified that she will leave us

And go back to her rightful home

Among Charmeine and Gavreel

As this world does not deserve her


I watch as she deteriorates

And there’s nothing I can do

The thought of losing her

sends my heart into a frenzy


She told me that the grass is greener there

And the flowers are always in bloom

She said that the sound of laughter hangs in the air

And god himself stands at the archway


She is too pure for this blood stained world

An angel among demons

And perhaps when she returns to the great beyond

She will smile

And I will look up at the glimmering stars in the sky

And hear her radiant laughter


Nandini Mehrotra


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