A Peaceful Slumber – Sohani Gupte 10 C



A Peaceful Slumber

I sometimes wish,

to remain in this void,

filled with peace and tranquility.


The dark sky forming a blanket over my eyes,

luring me to sleep like a baby.


The sweet chirp of the nightingale,

making me devoid of all my worries,

hiding me away like a shy bride behind a long and dark veil.


The gentle roar of wind,

illuminating the clouds,

making me feel like

there’s nobody around.


The small blades of grass,

acting as a mattress

providing me comfort,

away from all my distresses.


The moon smiling down,

with its bright light,

giving me guidance

throughout my slumber in the night.



I sometimes wish,

to remain in this beautiful serendipity,

this oblivion feeling,

embracing me completely.


Falling asleep, laying there,

a small smile on my face,

I sometimes wish to remain there,

feeling a sense of eternal bliss.

By SuhaniGupte.

10 C.