‘Gaming’- Article by Arav Correia 3L

20th Century technology is part of our daily life. Technology connects us in many ways. Gaming is one of the ways how I would like to express my thoughts on this subject.

Gaming not only interests kids but also attracts grownups. There are many types of games like crafting, shooting, racing, role playing etc. These games can be played on PlayStation, Xbox and a few types of consoles. But majority like to play it on their mobiles or tablets

The gaming universe is continuously evolving.  New models of gaming consoles are launched every year. Graphics of gaming on mobiles are improving. There are also virtual reality games which are getting famous.

All these games can either be played in an online or offline mode. In online mode, you get to play against or with a team which is present somewhere else in the world. Gaming shows us how we can connect with people and enjoy a fun time together with technology.

Some people record when they play and upload it on their YouTube channels. For many people this has become a source of income.

Gaming refreshes your mind, but it has a bad side as well. Your mind could easily get addicted to it. This addiction can be so bad that ones mind can get completely diverted towards it. However, you can control how much time you spend on gaming or understand this technology by following our parents’ instructions.

Games come with a rating of 7+, 12+ and 18+. We must make sure that we are choosing the right game. There are also some suspicious scams too, so one shall never provide personal details unless verified.

To conclude, gaming is fun but shall be played moderately.

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