Black Birdies by Juwairiah Mohammed, 9-C

“Get up, it’s school time,” Mama said,

The Black Birdies are singing a joyful tune,

They are going to school, a beginning so new.

Did they ever yearn to take their leave

Just like I did, on a quiet eve?

Did they desire to fly?

To spread their wings, reach the sky?

I see above, black birdies Chirp

Was there ever an end to the chirp?

Why did they not sing for me?

On my end, this tranquility.

The black birdies I caged, oh what futility

Now shall I set you free, release their song

“Get up, it’s school time my flee” I long.

For their freedom, I’ll find my way

What if I succeed in my dreams so sway?

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day

Rain from the vision that never ended.

No longer confined by the walls that tended

With the black birdies, I shall too sing a song,

My lullaby, my song.

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