Humanity is humans

The virtues of humans

Humanity does not ask for a pledge

But a helping hand for the needy

Standing at the garden hedge

Develop humanity

Express humanity

The key to peace and harmony is humanity

Today’s peace makers

Are tomorrow’s future makers

The world living in harmony

Is the humanitarian testimony

Of sustainable development

Peace, harmony, humanity and hope

Symbolize mother

A mother has all these virtues

She is the creator of these virtues

She makes the nation humanitarian

By creating a youth which is humanitarian

The creator, the developer

The sovereign, the teacher

She is the promoter of humanity

A key pillar of humanity

Is tolerance

The tolerance we show

Towards different people and their cultures

Helps a nation’s strength to grow

Tolerance plays an important function

In sustainable development’s

And advancement’s junction

Hope is the one thing

With which’s support there is life of humans

It is the strongest bond between humans

A medium of spreading humanity is hope

Strongest bridges of humanity are made of hope

The needy keeps hope

To one day fulfil all his needs

The disease victim has a hope

To one day have proper health and enjoy his life

The citizens of a nation have hope

That one day their nation would be

Among the high-ranking ones’

The children have hope

That one day they will be able to

Fulfil all their parents’ dreams

A common person keeps hope

That one day this world will be full of

Humanity connected to people

Through tolerance, hope

Peace and harmony

So let us make this world

A humanitarian one

One full of humanity, tolerance

Peace and harmony and hope


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