Moonlight Tryst by Shriya Arya, 9-D


Strained, pained

Looking out of my gilded cage;

Wishing I could escape from myself,

If even for a day.

The dead of night,

A dream of gossamer woven from moonlight;

Weaving through my mind,

Beckoning me out, hypnotised.

Walking out into the dark,

Solace in the fact that I know;

Half the world sleeps,

In fear of the night, glistening bright.

Thought dies down to perception,

Chaos melts into calm;

Hair flying against the wind,

Stealing me into eternal bliss.

Laying on the grass,

Gazing into the sky;

A scene of glittering obsidian

Shimmering in the full moon’s light.

The night’s so calm and soothing,

A cheat from the shackles of the world;

Why do people call the ominous?

A symbol of the netherworld?

 An experience of a lifetime,

Granted to only a lucky few;

A moonlight tryst, the call of the night,

I got to have it too.


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